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{Photo of the Day} 24.06.2017

I’m the bird lady in the park from Mary Poppins

{Flock Updates} Weathering the Weather

Literally. The weather has been bonkers lately. We actually might get snow on Thursday! It hasn’t snowed this late in spring here for a really long time. I mean, we’ve gotten serious hailstorms that have made it look like it snowed (just a week ago, in fact). I just took down all the winter plastic wrap on the pens, too. Go figure.

The 3 chickpeas are doing great! I called up Dr. Miller after the tiny black one hatched to make sure I knew what to look for in the event that the protruding naval became an issue. So far, has not slowed the tiny nugget down at all. Due to the size difference, it did take that one a little longer to work up the leg muscles to jump on top of the heater like the big grey one and the M&M spawn. They’ve been outside to visit the older birds, where only Mazikeen, Richmond, and Dalton visited them. Ronan and Lucien stopped by their tiny playpen to puff up and act macho and quickly got shooed away. So far, the naming pool for them is: Irving/Thessily (M&M spawn), Douma/Lux (big grey), and Helsing/Mina (little black).

All 8 of Big Momma’s baby buns have moved into the smaller chicken pen since Momma moved them out so she could have 3 more babies. If I hadn’t just quit my job, I’d try to trap her so I could take her in to get spayed. Poor girl needs a break! In addition to that, there was another batch of baby buns that were born near the house and one born out in the barn! Rabbits, man.

Ava’Dara and Sparta have gone broody on me again. I’m half convinced that Sparta is pretending to be broody and is really just hiding in the nesting boxes to avoid Memnoch. I’m not sure what’s going on with him, but this year he decided he needed to start breeding with all the hens and not just Mercury. Unfortunately, none of the other hens are really happy about that. Once I get the netting raised on the aviary part of the poultry compound (Dad built a couple of huge A-frames to create more headroom), I’m going to fix up the 2 small coops I got on CL and move M&M into one of them so tensions will ease up on the flock as a whole, with the other one to be used as a grow out coop for the chicks.

Richmond and Dalton are still laying eggs. Once they got going, they really got going. I have 8 (4 from each) right now that I’m considering putting up for sale on CL before they go bad. I’d hate for them to go to waste when I know they’re viable. 1 peafowl egg can be sold for as much as a dozen chicken eggs you buy at the grocery store, so I don’t really want to use them for food. That just seems like a waste of money to me right now. If I can’t sell them this week, I probably will blow out the eggs to use the shells for art and feed the eggs to the birds and dogs.

{Flock Updates} Spring Is Here

So many new baby buns! I got to give a cuddle to Little Buddha (the brown bunny), there are about 6-7 black, dark grey, and light grey bunnies, and then Big Momma had 8 babies just recently in the hutch next to the smaller chicken pen! They’re so new that their eyes aren’t open yet and they don’t have any fur yet. I’m not sure how Big Momma got herself into that hutch and had babies because she’s not called “Big Momma” for nothing. And she was even bigger before she had the baby buns. They are just so cute and tiny, and I hope they make it.

Nyx has gone broody on me for almost a month now. Epiphany tried being broody for about a day, got pooped on because she decided to move her egg and sit on it directly under the roosting bar, and then decided she didn’t really need to hatch any eggs.

That’s what we have the incubator for! 1 egg is on Day 11, 1 egg is on Day 8, 1 egg is on Day 4, 2 eggs are on Day 2, and all are developing (1 is an egg from Sparta!). I did do a last switch of 2 eggs last night just to see if I could get a full hatch. I don’t want to stagger the hatch any more because that first egg is already so far ahead at this point.

I’m not sure who the other eggs came from, but I’m just super thrilled to have offspring from Sparta even if Memnoch is the sire. That’s going to be the pushiest, snottiest little chicken ever. It’s going to be fantastic.

Still no peahen eggs. Damien keeps trying, though.

{Flock Updates} Hope Springs Eternal

It’s been awhile since my last update here. 2016 was not a great or kind year for the animals and, unfortunately, the beginning of 2017 hasn’t been a great or kind year for me and things are about to get tougher.

While we haven’t had any deaths since Igor and his grandmothers, tensions between Mercury and Memnoch and everyone else have been getting high as the weather has been getting warmer. I was lucky enough to find 2 “rooster coops” on CL for free that I’m going to retrofit into a coop for the Demon Twins and a possible breeding coop or grow out coop. Another non-success was trying to integrate Ronan, Lucien, Epiphany, and Mazikeen with the rest of the flock. For some unknown reason, Richmond and Dalton refused to let them into the aviary/main pen and to make things less stressful on everyone (including me) I’ve kept them in the old rabbit pen for now. My eventual plan is to move that pen into the aviary so that everyone is in the same area and can see each other throughout the day when they aren’t out free ranging. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I’m hoping to get the poles up for the heavier aviary netting soon. This will raise the clearance a few feet, allowing me to stand up straight and give the birds more headroom as well. After that, I’m going to rearrange the extra coops and covered pens so everyone is in one compound area.

The bad news for me, and by extension the animals, is the fact that I have finally gotten tired of silently putting up with the harassment/discrimination I’ve been dealing with at my Day Job since going back to it after the car wreck that left me with lifelong disabilities. Last month, I submitted my official grievance against my manager and most of my coworkers. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, HR is not taking their investigation of my claims seriously (they okay’d my manager to give me a year end job review while the investigation is still going on). While I still have to meet with HR tomorrow, I’ve already decided that I’m quitting because of the harassment, discrimination, and HR’s flippant response to it.

This means finances are going to get tight. I have been applying to jobs for the past 4-5 months, but the job market isn’t great and most people aren’t chomping at the bit to hire someone with disabilities. I’ll most likely have to apply for unemployment, try to apply for SSI, empty my retirement, and put my plans to finish my degree and build my house on hold indefinitely. Again. I just feel very defeated by all this and it’s left me wondering why I survived that car wreck if this was going to be my life after it.

The only thing that’s been keeping my spirits up have been the animals – Toki and Arya are constant mood boosters, watching the birds thrive (Damien has gotten a massive train and Richmond let him breed with her at least once!). I had started incubating chicken eggs and had agreed to take in a straight run of Olandsk Dwarfs prior to my Day Job environment degrading as badly as it has, so baby chicks and possible baby PEAchicks are something to look forward to.

I’ve also been creating art of the animals to sell. Right now, there are various different products available on the Redbubble store (more on that in the next update) that are specific to the animals. I haven’t gotten everyone on a product, yet. I am working on it as much as I can between my school work. Speaking of school work, one of the classes I’m taking is a bookmaking class and I’m hoping to make a number of books about the animals in the near future.

Right now, the animals are still thriving and I’m doing my best to keep it that way.

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{Photo of the Day} 16.09.2016

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{Photo of the Day} 09.09.2016

{Photo of the Day} 08.09.2016

We’ve had some preying mantis living in the pampas grass and I finally got a picture of one of them (they’re my favourite).

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