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{Flock Updates} The Naming Process

Naming the White Polish pullets has been difficult. Not just because all 13 basically look the same from afar, but because I didn’t brood them in the house. Brooding all the previous chicks in the house has helped them get use to me handling them and getting a sense of each pullet’s personality. Naming this group has taken a lot longer than normal. Earlier this month, I took an hour in the afternoon to watch them and decide who was who. They all got marked with nail polish so I could tell them apart without picking them up. Of course, the nail polish was rubbed off all of them by the 3 day due to weather. I’m going to have to figure out a more durable way to distinguish them from each other.

This is Alecto. Alecto is one of the Erinyes in Greek mythology, and her name means “the implacable or unceasing anger”. Her colour was Shockwave by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Alala. Alala is the personification of the war cry in Greek mythology, and her name means “battle-cry” or “war-cry”. Her colour was Umph by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Europa. Europa was a Phoenician princess who was abducted and taken to Crete by Zeus in the guise of a bull in Greek mythology, and her name means “wide face”. Her colour was Stratosphere by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Ossa. Ossa is the personification of rumors in Greek mythology. Her colour was Fathom by Formula X nail polish.

This is Nemesis. Nemesis was the goddess who enacted retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods) in Greek mythology. Her colour was Dark matter by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Nike. Nike was the personification of victory in Greek mythology. Her name means “victory”. Her colour was Pedal to the Metal by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Sappho. Sappho was a prolific poet from Ancient Greece. Her colour was Ignite by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Megara. Megara was the oldest daughter of Creon, king of Thebes, and married Hercules in Greek mythology. Her colour was Wunderkind by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Electra. Electra was the daughter of King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra in Greek mythology. She and her brother, Orestes, plotted revenge against their mother and stepfather, Aegisthus, for the murder of their father. Her colour was Moon Sign by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Persephone, Persephone was the daughter of Demeter and Zeus and ruled the underworld with Hades in Greek mythology. Her colour was Perfection by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Psyche. Psyche was a mortal woman who was turned into the goddess of the soul (by Zeus so she and Eros could be married as equals) in Greek mythology. Her colour was A+ by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Antiope. Antiope was an Amazon in Greek mythology (and a badass played by Robin Wright in the Wonder Woman movie). Her colour was Dramatic by FormulaX nail polish.

This is Iambe. Iambe was the goddess of satire and jest in Greek mythology. Her colour was Absolute Zero by FormulaX nail polish.

And this is Jareth, my cockerel that was supposed to be a pullet. Jareth is named after the Goblin King, played by David Bowie, in the movie Labyrinth. He’s having issues growing his crest out (the peafowl keep pulling all their crest feathers out), so he has a bit of a Friar Tuck thing going on right now.

Finally, this is Horus (again). He’s growing up very tall and straight up. So far, there haven’t been any issues with him (or Jareth) being in the same area as Memnoch. In fact, Memnoch has even chilled out on harassing Odysseus, which I’m sure Ody is happy about.

I’ve got the padwans living full-time with the older flock and my baby dragons (who will be another post), and they’ve been sleeping inside the covered part of the aviary since the beginning of the month. I still haven’t gotten them to go into the big coop for the night, but we’re taking baby steps.

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{Photo of the Day} 30.08.2017

{Flock Updates} Gallery Dump

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Well, I have really sucked at keeping up with things. We lost one of the baby polish (no idea what caused it), Mim has continued to thrive and grow stronger (as do Sy and Fin), One-Two and Mumbles have acclimated to living with Ronan and Lucien (Ronan and Lucien are having issues with each other), and everything keeps moving forward.

{Photo of the Day} 14.08.2017

{Photo of the Day} 31.07.2017

{Flock Updates} Cotton Puffs

My mom bought 15 White Polish chicks a few weeks ago. They hatched on Monday & arrived this morning from Murray McMurray Hatchery (along with a Mystery Chick – the brown little cinnamon roll in the middle of all the cotton puffs). I was beyond surprised that all 16 chicks were alive & active because I was honestly expecting some to die. 

The chicken side of the Flock just doubled. Mom wanted more Polish & I also missed having that breed in the Flock, but my main hope is that more females will chill all my dudes out some so they stop fighting with each other as much as they have started to. 

Arya is beside herself with excitement about the new editions. Toki is beside himself with exasperation about not getting his room back for another month. 

I’ve never had to raise this many chicks yet. It’ll be an adventure, that’s for sure. I’ve already decided that each one will get a nail polish dedicated to them so I can tell who’s who as they grow. Except for the Mystery Chick, obviously, since that one is definitely unique. It was listed as a “rare & exotic” mystery chick, but I have no idea what breed it is. Time to round up 16 names!

{Flock Update} Momma’s Little Monster(s)

Because I’m terrible at waiting to do things, I decided to try to get the baby dragons to walk around on the ground. As I should have predicted, it didn’t go as smoothly as I planned.

Fin was the first one out of the travel crate, as usual. He may have been the second one to hatch, but he is always the first to try something new. He didn’t last very long on the ground before he flew up to my shoulder.

We then waited for Sy & Mim to work up the courage to come out. This took a little time. Sy followed the same path as Fin: out of the crate, quickly walk from ground to my leg, then up to my shoulder next to Fin. Mim, on the other hand, flew straight from the crate to my shoulder & ended up on top of his brothers instead of me. I shouldn’t have been wearing a tank top for this. They have sharp tiny nails now. Also, all 3 crapped on me before I got them back to their pen & it got all over. It was just a bad fashion choice for this experiment.

I also got pecked in the eye 4 times by Sy. That little turd always goes for my eyes. Anyhow, I spent a good portion of 30 minutes with these three sitting along my outstretched arm (thankfully, my hands only go painfully numb if my arm is bent), watching the rest of the birds do their bird thing. Damien, Richmond & Dalton came by a couple of times, but they were mostly interested in doing their parameter patrolling. Ronan, Mumbles & Mina were very interested in the peachicks & kept coming back to stare at them. Ronan was very upset he couldn’t also fit on my shoulder with them.

After some time, Fin ventured off me to the top of the carry crate. He was followed by Sy. From there, Fin went to the deck & Sy followed. 

Mim did not follow.

Eventually, Fin & Sy explored the ground a bit before circling back around to me. 

It wasn’t what I expected them to do. I kind of expected that they would rush out of the travel crate & be a pain in the ass to round back up. They haven’t been as clingy since I’ve been putting them outside all day with the other birds, so it surprised me that they didn’t leave me to explore the new area. Not really helping me with not being a helicopter mom with them.