{Risky Business} September Accounting

This was all the income from the A Flock Between Pastures business/Patreon for August. There were no purchases in any of the shops.


  • Bird Expenses (where the funds from Patreon and Redbubble sales go to):
    • TSC
      • 20% Poultry Medicated Starter (this is the feed for the baby chickens): $16.99
      • Galvanized 2qt Pail (needed a bigger bucket for the snacks): $4.29
      • Flockraiser (feed for a “mixed” flock – males and females): $16.19
  • Business Expenses (straight up out-of-pocket since the business isn’t making any money):
    • Michaels
      • Paint Brush Set: $8.39


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