{Risky Business} May Accounting



This was all the income from the A Flock Between Pastures business/Patreon.

These are the expenses for A Flock Between Pastures. A total of $53.45 (not including the amount that was used for the larger Brinsea incubator for the peafowl eggs) was spent on the birds for the month of May.

Unfortunately, my art on Redbubble and Society6 hasn’t done much of anything. While I did make a few sales of Redbubble, I didn’t actually get much from those sales. I’m debating increasing the prices even though I’m not getting much traffic to either.

Hopefully, I’ll find somewhere that will hire me at least part-time soon so I’m not worried about how I’m going to cover the animals needs and my bills next month.

Despite this worry, I am incredibly grateful and thankful for the Patreon supports and the sales I did make on Redbubble.

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