{Risky Business} Branding Your Product

I was contacted through BYC by a local mini-farmer, Flaming Arrow Farm, to design a logo for them to use on their eggs & canned goods. Normally, I hate when people ask me to do this. I’m not a graphic designer & the general public usually doesn’t understand that there are specialties within the art industry. Also, the last person to ask me to design him a logo treated me very rudely once I got started on the work & I found out later it was because he thought I was too fat & ugly to be worth his time. People are super awesome.


Anyhow, the reason I did take up this commission was because she pretty much had done all the hard work for me & she also knew exactly what she wanted. You wouldn’t believe how many people try to commission art from me without even the slightest concept of what they want. I’m sure that’s ideal for some artists, but I can’t work that way. She even had a sketch of her idea already done for me to work off of! The back & forth was easy & I always felt comfortable asking her for more input or clarification before proceeding. Like I said, I’m not trained as a graphic artist so, to me, it is extremely important to create exactly what the client wants to convey with their logo. I mean, that’s their brand, that’s the image they want to associate with their product with potential/established customers. I think that’s pretty important to get it right, you know?

It took me awhile to get it finished due to the TBI & only being able to work on it after the day job & weekends since I was working on it 100% digitally for the final product & I unfortunately had to use my Cintiq Companion Hybrid fund for various car accident related bills. But when I finally got it done, I was pretty happy with how it turned out!



Basically, the process here was the same process I’ve worked out since the end of 2013 when I got Manga Studio 5 as a Christmas present from my grandparents. Work out the ideas as thumbnails, sketch the one the client likes best out, scan it, ink/colour it in MS5. I was a little worried about trying to add colour just because I haven’t really worked in it that much since the accident, but I think it came out pretty well. Better still, the client & her husband loved it!

That’s always a major plus, when the client likes it. I was doing this for free for her, which is something I also don’t do (unless you’re a complete turd blossom to me & I just want to be done trying to do you a solid by drawing stuff for you). In this case, I needed practice coming back from the accident & art has been a good form of therapy as well as a distraction for me through this post-trauma process. So, no pricing was done & I figured that once I got the files over to her, that would be that.

She surprised me & offered to give me 2 chicks from an order she has coming in soon as payment for my work! I’ll be getting a Belgian D’Anver & a Porcelain D’Uccle!

Belgian D'Anver

Belgian D’Anver

Porcelain D'Uccles

Porcelain D’Uccles

Look how adorable the breed is! The D’Anvers have those funny feathers on their faces that make them look like they have chipmunk cheeks & the D’Uccles have feathered feet! Both breeds are bantam breeds, so they’ll stay small like Odysseus. I also won’t know what sex they are when I get them as her orders were for what they call “straight runs” (groups of chicks that haven’t been sexed). I’m excited to add them to my mixed flock & have been narrowing down potential names for them already. So far, I’ve got Ares, Apollo, Hermes & Helios in case I get a cockerel & Nike, Nyx, Artemis & Demeter in case I get a pullet.


The other great thing about doing this logo was that it got me to draw my own logo! This was all done straight on the computer in MS5, no thumbnails, no sketches. I am very happy with how this turned out. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been this pleased with something I’ve done. I just love that, “Hold My Earrings” look he has, which is what made me change my initial feeling to go all silhouette. Going back to thinking about how you’re branding you business with this image, I liked that little bit of moxie on his face in conjunction with the name “Trumspringa: A Flock Between Pastures”.

Even better still, I found someone that said they could make the image into a stamp for me! I’m very excited about all this & am actually considering making the chickens a little side business. The plan was just trying to establish breeds here in Colorado that I’ve been having a hard time finding, but since that will take a lot of time to do I wasn’t trying to think about making it a business. Now, I’m thinking of selling eggs as well as chicks & decorated eggs & making it a legit business. I’ll have to get my certifications & business license once I actually have a product to offer.

Looks like if I just focus on moving forward, this delay in starting my coops & breeding flocks will just be a planning phase for me.

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