Rigor Samsa {about}

In the summer of 2014, Summer Suzuki was involved in a car wreck that left her with lifelong disabilities. Three months into her recovery, she was adopted by a Silver Sebright rooster and, with her rescue dogs by her side, A Flock Between Pastures was started.

A Flock Between Pastures has grown into a small poultry farm when a yearling peacock decided to make it his home in 2015. Today, 29 chickens of varying breeds, 6 peafowls, and 2 dogs call it home. There are rabbits, miniature horses, and 3 other dogs that make regular appearances.

All the art, illustrations, and photographs are done by Summer Suzuki, and are inspired by the animals that rescued her and the natural environment of Colorado.

Summer Suzuki is a freelance artist with art that can be found in the first volume of the Image Comics book, Pretty Deadly. She is currently working on finishing her degree in Art History through the Academy of Art University.

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