Well, Damien (I changed his name – he seems more like Damien Scott than Dorian Pavus) was still hanging out in the morning & he stayed all day right by the flock while they were locked up in the main pen. He crushed the Accidental Pumpkin Plants pretty good laying in them to get some shade, I’m guessing. I did pull the mesh cover of the west side of the main pen out to give him more shade while still being close to the flock. I think the dude is just lonely & is looking for a flock because he either paces along the main pen or lays down by it. He did calm down when I let the flock out around 4PM to free range, but the flock still isn’t too sure about him. Odysseus & Memnoch had a few tiffs with him, but mostly everyone tries to stay out of his way. He does have a bit of a fascination with the Polish crests & that is going to be an issue with me if it continues. He’s pulling the feathers out of their head.

I tried to do a little research on him & apparently he’s an India Blue peacock & might be around 2 years old. Surprisingly, he hasn’t been calling since he’s been in my chicken yard. That’s nice. Peacocks calling sounds like someone crying out “help me” & it’s really loud. That might be pushing my luck with that & both Odysseus & Memnoch crowing.

I decided to just take it day-to-day with him right now since I don’t know if he’ll stick around & he’s not letting me catch him. If he sticks around through August, I’ll build him a roosting coop inside the chicken yard since there’s no way he’d fit in the Big House with the chickens & they’re already having flock dynamic shifts. Besides, he needs a high roost (he’s roosted on top of the main pen tonight) to sleep on.

I’m not entirely sure that what I needed around the anniversary of my accident was another male bird dropping out of the sky into my lap. I might need to start selling eggs to help pay for animal supplies.

So. Flock dynamics are shifting as Odysseus & Memnoch jockey for Alpha status & as Lila, Nyx & Sparta start to get closer to egg laying age. Things have been a little rough & im sure the change in sleeping arrangements & Damien showing up aren’t helpful. Chickens aren’t great with change. Everyone put themselves up this evening, which was a great! It took them months to start putting themselves up in the dog house. However, the way they’re arranging themselves kinda causes problems. At bed check, the top roost had Calypso, Memnoch, Athena, Nyx, Mercury. The roost under that had Lila, Nausicaä, Sparta, Penelope. Ava’Dara still uses the top middle nesting box because I keep forgetting to flip the roosts so she fits on them.

The problem here is Mercury not being nestled next to Memnoch & Sparta not being between Lila & Nyx. Mercury was kind of panicking that she wasn’t right next to Memnoch. I moved Lila & Sparta up to the top roost next to each other, but left everyone else where they were. They were already asleep & when I tried to pick up Penelope to move her closer to Nausicaä & Odysseus (she was on the far end next to the window & separated pretty far from them), she got cranky so I didn’t want to stir everyone up.

I know I have to let them figure out their own pecking order & their own dynamics, but it’s hard to sit back & not meddle sometimes.

This bunny hung out around the chickens all day, too. It even let me pet it but didn’t want me picking it up.

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