{Photo of the Day} 31.05.2015

I finished the inside! Well, for now. I’m thinking of painting some kind of kraken themed lineage map on that blank wall by the nesting boxes. But for now, it’s done & I feel really good about accomplishing something. I have been feeling incredibly useless since the accident, especially at work, so finishing this in the timeframe I gave myself was nice. You know, dehydration aside & being incredibly sore, it feels good to do something. I did a lot of work & finished it. I would have never left the painting as sloppy as I did pre-accident, but that’s kinda the beauty of post-accident brain: no more OCD about things needing to be perfect.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get anyone to go into the coop & stay there. Maybe it still smelled of paint fumes? We had a good wind blowing through & everything dried super fast in the 80degF weather. Maybe it was because it’s new & they still have the dog house in the pen. I feel bad that I’m going to make them learn to go into the new coop right after they started putting themselves up in the dog house at night. I don’t think it will take them long to get used to it since they manage the ramp & skyway just fine. Maybe when I get the roosts in they’ll feel more inclined to check the inside out.

In between finishing the main colour & the trim/doors/windows, we caught the very edge of this wicked storm. It seriously rolled right by our property. We got the wind, a few raindrops, while just maybe a mile east of us got drenched. Mom was sure it was going to hit us, so I moved the flock into the barn & closed up the coop to wait it out. We sat & watched it blow by us.


While we were watching the storm, the hawk showed back up circling right over the chicken pen. This dude (& the second one, they’re probably mates because they hunt together) shows up every time I start letting the Ithakē Flock free range. They’re really good about going back into the pen on their own & recognise it as a safe place, but from what I’ve read light coloured chickens are easier for the hawks to pick off from above. So, I don’t feel comfortable with Odysseus out there. This hawk was circling low while I was moving the chickens by hand to the barn, so it doesn’t seem to be deterred much by my presence. The good thing is that it seems they have a large hunting area, so if I wait long enough they’ll move to a different area & I can let the flock out again.


While I did get the painting finished, I didn’t get the grow out coop put up. The chicks are probably going to stay in their brooders & the garage for at least another week. I know that dog house is super heavy, but I don’t know if I’m strong enough to help Dad get it out of the pen & moved over to the north side of the pen so I can built the grow out pen extension around it. Something to accomplish next weekend.


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