It was stupid hot today, so I didn’t bother the flock much. Better if they just rest in cool, wet dirt on days like this.

Sparta was on a roll with her Great Escape act all day. She’s actually sneaking out the same way the bunnies sneak in/out of the yard. She doesn’t go anywhere except right around the corner to eat the grass & weeds around & under the Big House. Before they had the yard enclosed, that’s where she, Lila, Nyx & Ava’Dara would mainly hang out. I would prefer she not keep doing that since the yard was created to help protect them from the dogs when the flocks are outside of the main pen. I feel like I got super lucky yesterday with Arya & her running into each other & I know that luck will happen with Winston or Zelda.

On the other hand, the fact that she flies up onto my shoulder every time I open the gate or kneel down to try to take pictures is seriously making me consider buy her a harness & leash so she can walk around places with me. She’s just the most adorable little butterball. I’m so glad I did that farm logo & accepted chicks as payment. Even Mom likes Sparta & that’s saying something. She still doesn’t want to hold her, but having a bird near her is a big step when you have a fear of birds.

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