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Every morning, the dogs all line up to get spoon fed breakfast by Mom or Dad. What a bunch of spoiled asses.

The peahens had a bit of an adventurous afternoon. It started off with Dalton discovering something she really didn’t like at all. Much like peacocks, peahens can also display their tails. The peahens do this when they feel threatened or when they want to display dominance. Dalton is definitely the alpha between her & Richmond, but every so often she’ll display her tail when something shows up that she’s not particularly happy about. While Damien displays his tail & then does the Shake Ya Ass Moonwalk in order to try wooing the females, Dalton displays her tail then leans forward & down really far in the direction of whatever she’s doesn’t like. I used Mom’s digital camera to take these pictures instead of my iPhone because I really wanted to get a good shot of what Dalton looks like all fired up & I knew she’d close up if I walked out there to get close enough to use my iPhone.

After that, they decided to go check out the roof of the barn. This is the first time the peahens have ventured out that far from Dante’s Inferno Room (the new name for the Big House) & the first time they’d gotten up that high. Richmond came back down pretty fast, so I couldn’t get a picture of her up there. Dalton, on the other hand, got stuck up there for about 20-30 minutes before pulling herself together & trusting in herself that she could make it down. I am a little more vigilant about keeping an eye of the peas just because I know they’ll take off if they down feel like this is their home base or if something catches their interest & they wander off after it. And also because Richmond & Dalton cost about $300 & that’s a lot of money to lose because I wasn’t keeping a good enough eye on them. So, naturally, I tried to get her down for about 15 minutes. This involved poking at her with a stick & a big animal net (tangent: this was difficult as I’m hobbit sized & I can’t stand on my tiptoes anymore) & tossing small pieces of wood at her in an attempt to irritate her into attempting to fly down. This didn’t work. In fact, I actually hit her with a palm-sized wood chip & she just looked down at me like I was a total asshole. Most of the time, she just paced back & forth & honked in distress before I went back inside so she could figure out what she needed to do. And, eventually, she did.

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