Sparta is doing better, but she is getting picked on by Odysseus & Mercury. I think it’s because she’s so small. I also think it has to do with the 3 Amigas finally starting to get the red in the face & comb. Even among themselves, they’re suddenly doing a lot of posturing & flying around each other. If Sparta is heading into sexual maturity, I might need to separate her from the flock for a bit. That wouldn’t be ideal due to eventually re-integrating her, but I don’t want Memnoch hurting her. He’s heading into the hormone crazed teen stage head first right now & he is just slightly smaller than Ava’Dara. So, he’s about 3x the size of Sparta. I don’t want him killing her. If Odysseus tries mating with her, that might would work out better since he’s smaller. She’s my baby. I’m just going to continue to worry until things work themselves out.

The Accidental Pumpkin Plants have a pumpkin the size of my fist growing on it. It’s still green, so pretty safe bet that the plants are for the big pumpkins & not the pumpkin bombs. My wildflowers are so close to blooming & I’m thinking of asking Granny if there’s a way to transplant some of her dahlias next spring because they are huge & I love them. I did talk with her about trying to buy some giant sunflower plants next year instead of planting more seeds (both of our seeds didn’t sprout anything). I might also get a transplant from Grandpa’s grape vines to grow on the north side of the main pen. I think that would look nice.

The other news today was that Delilah had her second litter. I think that poor girl needs a vacation. There are 4 again, but this time they’re all black. So, no telling who the sire is at this point. Her babies are so adorable.

The egg that was in the top nesting box row today was a very tiny one. I’m wondering if Mercury laid it or if Lila or Nyx did. I need to look up what colour eggs Lila & Nyx should lay, but it does look a lot like Mercury’s eggs. Maybe the one yesterday was a double yolk pullet egg?

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