Mercury laid another egg & it wasn’t a pullet egg (the small eggs). It is almost the same size as her mother flock’s eggs, just a little thinner. It also looks like someone is making a nest in one of the other top boxes, so we might get another egg layer in there soon. It would be nice if they’d stop laying in the pen, but baby steps.

3rd night of the entire flock sleeping together. Odysseus put himself up for the night but forgot to bring his ladies with him. They were sleeping out in the main pen. Odysseus even put himself on the top roost were Memnoch & Mercury have been sleeping. M&M bunched up next to Sparta, Lila & Nyx on the other end of the top roost, giving Odysseus more room than he needed. Apparently, no one but the Ithakē ladies wanted to sleep on the lower roosts. It’s a good sign that Odysseus put himself up. If this goes like the dog house went, he’ll get them to follow him into the Big House in a month or so. Not that I mind putting them up every night since I’m going down there for a bed check/head count anyway.

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