I feel like I ran nonstop this weekend & did nothing but chores when I needed to rest. On the plus side, I did get everything I needed to get done done. Well, as done as my current supply level would get me.

Today, the M&M Twins were set up inside the pen with their parents. Woo, that turned out to be more intense than I thought it would be. Memnoch & Odysseus were very animated & vocal with each other, at one point mimicking each other, but never outright fighting with each other through the hardware cloth. That, I was thankful for. The only hen interested in them was Penelope & that’s because she’s the one who puts herself between Odysseus & whatever it is at the time that he has a beef with (that’s usually my wellies). The others didn’t seem to really care. If all I have to worry about is having 2 males in the same flock, that’d be enough for me.

The posturing & curiosity is to be expected, from what I’ve been able to read. They are 2 strange birds invading his pen, so of course Odysseus would be extra interested in what was up with them. It didn’t last long & they were unsupervised long enough for me to eat lunch without incident. I will need to make it a little more secure before I start putting Memnoch & Mercury out there all day. Thankfully, I get paid on Friday.

When the twins & the month old chicks got together in the jungle gym, things, again, went in an unexpected way. This wasn’t the first time all 5 chicks were together, but Memnoch went ahead & acted like these weren’t the same 3 chicks he & Mercury get as close as they can to each night. He gave them all a good wallop & gave Sparta a little too much extra attention. This, too, was something I had read could/would happen. It was just a surprise since they had gotten along just fine the last time all of them were together.

The biggest surprise was how Nyx wasn’t going to let Memnoch peck on Sparta with no response. She walked right up to him & gave him a good hard peck in the face & then promptly ran away so he couldn’t get her. It was hilarious.

Much like with integrating into the Ithakē Flock, it’ll just take time & patience to get them to live together without pecking.




The only other minor incident was when I packed the twins into the travel crate to take them to the jungle gym. I got Memnoch out first, but while trying to get decent pictures of his growing waddle, Mercury decided she didn’t want to wait & escaped. She did run into Odysseus on her way out & he gave her a bit of a scare, but then she was straight out the door & into the backyard. And that gave me the scare! She is much faster & less trusting than the hens or Odysseus & there was no way I was going to be able to chase her down even if I wasn’t slightly disabled physically.

Good thing the twins start to freak out when they’re separated. I just used Memnoch as bait & got her to corner herself for me. I’m glad they’re so attached to each other because there would have been no way I was going to get her round up any other way.

These 2. I am just so thrilled with them & am so thankful that my path hit that detour & made it so I ended up with them in my life. Even if they are demon chickens. They’re my demon chickens & hatching & raising them has really helped me to not completely lose it or just sink further into this depression I’m currently dealing with.



In non-chicken news, Widowmaker’s eye is starting to heal up finally. Now that it’s cleared up, I think it might have been gunky because of trauma. To me, it kind of looks like he has a cut on the lower lid going in a downwards angle – from the eyeball down. He doesn’t seem to have sight problems with it now that he can open it, which is good. A blind horse is pretty much a dead horse, even if it’s a mini. I love my ornery little stallions. I’m not ready for them not to be around trying to eat the chicken’s seed/mealworms mix.

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