{Photo of the Day} 18.01.2015


I love catching them doing the dirt bath thing. After rolling around, they lay on their sides with their feet all splayed out. Like a bunch of drunks.


I only found 1 egg today, but I’m still super sick & didn’t do a super thorough check. Just looked in the usual places. Anyhow, the ritual is that I bring the eggs in & Toki & Arya lick them before letting me in the house with them. I don’t know why, that’s what they do. So, Zelda is the most curious puppy ever & follows Toki & Arya around like a… Well, puppy. After Toki & Arya got their lick in, I put the egg in front of Zelda to check out. She tried biting it. Of course. Those razor puppy teeth aren’t messing around. I’ll probably crack this one tomorrow to try to check for fertility. Getting closer to making the descision to incubate or not & ending to start collecting.

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