Everyone was in a mood today. I’m sure it has to do with the weather being unseasonably warm lately. They just want to get out of the pen, break off into their social groups & do their own thing. I don’t blame them, I just can’t stay out there & watch them that long/often right now still. That didn’t stop Section 20 from being a bunch of feathered jerks & refusing to be rounded up for the night. I spent about 30 minutes chasing after them, trying to herd them back into the pen for the night. I’ll be glad when the weather is nice throughout the day & night & I have that flight pen set up. Then I won’t have to round them up at night – they can round themselves up.

I did get a second soft shell today. Still not sure who laid it, but I’ve ruled out the Ithakē ladies since the egg wasn’t fertilised. I’ll have to do some refresher research on soft shell eggs to see if I need to be worried & what I can do to help prevent it from becoming something to worry about. I also really need to get my Chick Cams up in the Big House & the pen. That’ll help narrow down who’s laying eggs.

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