{Photo of the Day} 04.07.2016

I got Flint & Vane a new tank! I didn’t have enough gravel for it, but it has a light!

Among Spider’s little quirks, his tail seems to prefer to point to the right rather than straight back like it should. When he runs, it actually does make him run slightly to the right.

The Furious Five made it through their second night outside without incident. I’m a little worried about tonight, since it’s national Get Shit Faced & Set Off Explosives In Drought Stricken Areas. Hopefully, I’ll be able to cut a little doorway in the wall between the two old rabbit pens, so they can use both sides. They’re getting bigger rather quickly, with Ronan being in the front on that growth (he’s been getting a little aggressive in his desire to be the alpha of their tiny flock). They just need a bit more room to get away from each other while they continue to be in that age range of not babies but not big enough to be in with the adults yet.

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