Damien is still here. Odysseus had a scuffle with him (not serious, no injuries). Sparta is having a hard time at night not being able to roost next to Lila & Nyx without me putting her them there. She’s unfortunately the lowest in the pecking order right now because she’s the smallest. I want to bring her in but I know that being separated from the flock would be worse for her that having to wait for me to rearrange the sleeping order. She’s just so tiny & friendly & adorable & my favourite that it’s difficult to watch her have these little struggles. While waiting for the flock to put themselves up in the Big House, I watched Damien try to find a place to roost. He desperately wanted to be in that coop with the flock & had to settle with roosting onto of the main pen above the breezeway. I’ve already told Mom that I’m going to buy him a mate if he sticks around. I don’t want him to stress himself out about not having a flock to roost with.

I think if he had a Richmond (because if I get a peahen, of course she’ll be named after Michelle Luke’s character Julia Richmond), he would chill out a little. He tries really hard to get the chickens to let him be apart of their flock, but he keeps pulling feathers out of the Ithakē ladies’ crests & that finally got Odysseus to have a small fight with him.

He is also pecking on Sparta & that’s some shit I won’t put up with if it keeps up. She’s got a hard enough time within her own flock without Damien joining in. So, if he sticks around, he’ll get a mate to keep him busy.

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