{Flock Updates} Of Combs & Waddles & Eggs


After applying Vaseline to Odysseus yesterday afternoon, his comb is looking much better. It nice and red and the scab fell of it (finally). I’ve been applying it to his comb and waddle, as well as the entire flock’s legs and feet. The worst of the cold seems to be over now, but the snow is supposed to show back up tonight. I think it might actually get back up above freezing by next week. I liked it better a couple weeks ago when there was no snow and it wasn’t near zero in temps.



I am still getting eggs. I’m not entirely sure from which hen, though. I’m pretty sure Calypso is the main producer since she’s been at it at least every other day since they started.  However, some of the eggs the past nine days are a little smaller (like yesterday’s) than the others and it makes me think that maybe Nausicaä or Penelope might have started laying eggs. When Calypso and Athena started, they were tiny and perfect like the one from yesterday. It was a little easier to tell before they all had to be shacked up in the barn.


The other little issue I’ve been running into is that Athena, Calypso, and Penelope are getting harder to tell apart now that their crests are getting more white tipped feathers in it. Nausicaä is still easy to tell apart from the other three since she’s at the bottom of the pecking order, is the smallest, and only has one crest feather barely tipped with white. I’m thinking I’m going to need to get some bands to help tell them apart, which would be a good idea for the Easter Eggers when they show up. I’m not sure what they’ll look like, if they’ll each be distinctive.

I’m getting very excited  about the prospect of hatching and raising chicks. I’m not sure how well the hatching will go – I’ve heard that Sebrights are hard to get to fertilize eggs and also since I’ve never done anything like this before – or how well the brooding of chicks will go – I still need to build my brooder and find a place to set it up – but I’m so stupidly excited to try this experiment out!

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