{Flock Updates} More Changes, More Plans

So, today I had to request my order of chicks from MPC be cancelled. I’m very disappointed as most of the order was for Easter Eggers (they lay blue & green eggs) & a White Crested Blue Polish that I really wanted. I had to make my decision based on a few things:



The first thing is that, Toki seems to be allergic to bird dander & can’t stop himself from sticking his nose through the air holes to huff the chicks like a junkie. His eyes are super goopy now that we have 4 chicks in the bedroom & I’m adding 2 more on Saturday.

The second thing is that, I’d have 4 chicks the size of Frost & Mercury about the time the MPC chicks would be shipped. And then I’d have 8 tiny chicks to start all over again with (assuming they all survive the shipping). That’s a lot of work.

The third thing is that, my recovery & treatment from the car accident isn’t moving along as swiftly as I would like it to have been this far out from the incident. My legs & ankles are still causing me a lot of mobility issues. My not eating regularly is causing me a lot of energy issues. My brain trauma is causing so many issues I can’t even start, but to add to it I’ve been dealing with severe & debilitating pain in my head, eyes, temples & neck all week this week. I’ve also got a giant knot behind my right ear that showed up out of nowhere just as the pain started.

As much as I would like the variety of chicks I had ordered, I have to be realistic for their benefit & welfare as well as the birds I already have. I don’t even have the Ithakē Flock’s coop & pen build started yet. Thankfully, my dad wants to help me with that so it’ll get done in a timely manner now once we start on it. I also have to consider that I only got 2 chicks for the White Hot Room Flock to hatch. Even if by some miracle I ended up with a cockerel & pullet, it’s not really worth it to keep them separated from the Ithakē Flock until 3 roosters becomes an issue (I’m about 99% Frost is a cockerel at this point – Mercury’s comb is not developing at all, just like the Sebright hens, whereas Frost has a serious comb developing at a rapid pace). In the event that I’d like to breed a pair, it actually wouldn’t take much to build a breeding pen. The grow out pen could actually double as a breeding pen once the chicks are out of it.

So, it’s another set back in my overall plan of being a chicken farmer. I’d rather make sure that the birds I have stay in the excellent condition they are in now & I’d rather not keep Toki in the state he’s in now for that much longer. I can always come back to the original plan later on after I get my house built. Also, maybe I’ll get lucky & get an Ayam Cermani x Easter Egger mix chick or 2 from the local breeder I made contact with over at BYC. I would love to have an all black hen to mate with Frost to try & get an all black chicken with a mohawk that lays blue eggs.

It’s the art & mad scientistry of it all that keeps my delusions of grandeur growing.

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