{Flock Updates} Mercury’s Emergency


This evening, we were hit very hard & suddenly by a hail producing thunderstorm. It was basically right on top of our house. I had gotten all of the Normandy Flock into the Big House except Mercury by the time it started hailing. As I was stepping out of their pen area, Zelda rushed me & scared Mercury out of my hands. I’m still handicapped in the legs, running isn’t something I’ve done since about this time last year. I tried to run after them. I was unsuccessful. Zelda had Mercury in her mouth & I thought I was watching history repeat itself.

By sear chance, Mercury is still alive & shows no outward signs of injury; however, that doesn’t mean she’s not injured internally. After the storm passed, I went out to assess the damage & check on her. She was able to hop out of & back into the Big House from the outside door not the breezeway with the ramp. She & Memnoch walked around a little bit, but she hopped back in after Odysseus ran Memnoch off. She was panting a lot, it reminded me of a dog in pain kind of panting. She wasn’t able to make it to her roosting spot when I left them all for the night.

She settled on the window roost & Memnoch settled in next to her.


Around 9PM, both were in their usual roosting spots on the highest roost. About 30mins ago, they were still in the same spot. I feel like this is a good sign, but I’m still apprehensive about her future. If she makes it through the night, I’ll be taking her to a vet that handles birds to make sure she isn’t suffering from broken bones or organ damage. My brother will be paying that bill. I’ll be making him pay that bill.

Happy birthday to me.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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