{Flock Updates} 1 Year Anniversary


A year ago today, I met Odysseus on my grandparents’ front porch & decided that if no one claimed him or if he didn’t fly away by the end of the week, I would take him home & care for him instead of calling animal control to pick him up. I don’t know why I decided I needed to take care of him because I didn’t have any experience with poultry prior to him.i don’t know why my parents agreed to let me bring him home because that pretty much made me moving out any time soon a pipe dream.

It hasn’t been a completely drama free year, especially these last few months. This morning, in fact, I set up his doctor appointment for Saturday morning to get weighted for antibiotics & checked up on from his fights with Memnoch.

Those first few weeks, though, when he would nest in my hood & preen my hair before going up for the night. I was so optimistic that I could take care of him & that I could take care of multiple flocks. Sure cocked that one up.


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