{Flock Update} Toki’s Tummy Troubles


All day yesterday, Toki was like that guy who get super extra drunk at parties (vomit and diarrhea all over, all day). In the (almost) 6 years of living together with him, we’ve gotten the hang of what and how much of something he can eat because he has a very sensitive stomach. This time around, though, his symptoms weren’t anything like what we’ve had to deal with in the past and it got me really worried. Blood in diarrhea, I think, is something worth getting worried over. So, I took him into the vet for an emergency visit to make sure he didn’t have something more than a bad reaction to something he shouldn’t have eaten going on.

Things didn’t go that smoothly. First off, we get to the vet and find out the receptionist from the night before didn’t schedule us for the emergency visit like she said she was. Thankfully, the day shift was nice enough to squeeze me in anyway (they actually had to turn someone away while Toki and I were waiting because they were so backed up). So, we’re waiting in the waiting room and Toki is very much like me. He’s asocial with both other dogs and humans, and he is especially distrusting of men. What can I say? Either I rubbed off on him or we were just a perfect match. Or both. Anyhow, so I’m nervous about what could be wrong with him and which vet we’re going to get for the visit since you get whichever doctor is on call for emergency rounds that day. Again, like me, he’s not cool with strangers touching him and we’ve been lucky enough to have the same vet since I adopted him and didn’t know what to do with a tiny puppy with kennel cough.

He’s not feeling well at all, he hates being in the waiting room for the vet, I’m giving off waves of anxiety like those ladies in offices that wear too much perfume, and it was a bad combination. That’s when this douchebag with his obnoxious kid come in. Oh, and Toki *really* doesn’t like kids thanks to our neighbor’s obnoxious granddaughter. They don’t know why they’re bringing their dog in for a visit, but once they call the mom to square things out, they make a beeline to where we’re sitting.

I haven’t stood up and moved as fast as I did then since the car accident. That when the douchebag dude says, “You’re okay”. Like, first off, I know *I’m* okay because I’m not the one here for a doctor to check me out. Secondly, you can see my dog is clearly stressed out and you’re kid has been trying to crowd him the entire time. Thirdly, you’re a dick. I just flatly respond, “Yeah, well, he’s not okay”. Didn’t. Sink. In. At. All.

Why are people so obnoxious.

Anyhow, after that, a very nice and understanding vet tech moved us into a room to wait. Once the doctor got in to see Toki, she seemed pretty sure it was just something he eat that didn’t agree with him. His gums still looked good (which I had been checking the night before thanks to Dr. Pol and his show), he had a good heart rate, breathing, temperature was within normal range, everything looked good except he was dehydrated. Which was understandable. They took him to get fluids and an anti-nausea med and took fecal samples (where they found blood – I didn’t know until we got home that he actually had been having bloody diarrhea the day before). We got out of there $200+ lighter and headed home with an anti-inflammatory med for him to take twice daily for about a week. Hopefully by then, he’ll have gotten back to his normal self.


Arya would really like him to get back to himself soon. She’s been using the giant Pound Puppy squeaker rug as a surrogate to him at night and she’s frustrated she doesn’t have anyone to play with (Winston and Zelda don’t get how to play with her, they play like all dogs are their size).


By the afternoon, he was at least up and walking around and eating a little big. He even came outside to help me let the birds out to free range. By 6PM, he hadn’t puked in 24 hours. I’m hoping this is a good sign and not a fake out because I’m still not sure what he ate that would have set his insides off like this. The only “new” thing he’s had access to are rabbit poops now that I’ve been working on getting him used to being around rabbits and birds without chasing them. He does get sick if he eats too much horse poops (what is it with dogs eating poops), so I guess it could have been that. I’m usually like helicopter mom with a kid who has food allergies when it comes to him and the not knowing what it was is not something I like being an unknown.

He is getting better, though, and that’s what I have to get my brain to focus on right now.

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