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(trying to get them to use a waste free feeder)

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I’m the bird lady in the park from Mary Poppins

{Photo of the Day} 26.04.2017

Big Momma had a litter of 9 baby buns this month! She had them in the hutch right next to the little coop Ronan, Epiphany, Lucien, and Mazikeen sleep in. 1 died early on, and 1 disappeared last night, so there are only 7 remaining. I like that they are right by my chickens because I get to check in on them and handle them every time I’m out there. Surprisingly, Big Momma is okay with me doing that.

The really big thing that happened today (besides the hatching) was finding this peahen egg in the peafowl greenhouse! I have been waiting almost 2 months for them to start laying eggs. Both Richmond and Dalton have been mating with Damien, so I knew that stuff was happening and eggs should also be happening this mating season. Of course, whoever laid the egg did it right next to the nesting box I set up for them instead of IN the nesting box. This thing is huge! It was almost as big as Sparta!

{Photo of the Day}18.09.2016

Slowly but surely, Ronan is regrowing all the feathers he lost in the skunk attack.

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