{Animal Mad Scientistry} And that’s a Wrap

Egg A is a little spoiled cheeto puff! It has been a little clingy, but now that the last two eggs have hatched I’m hoping they survive to give it some company. There’s only so long I can carry a baby chick in the cowl neck of my Andromeda Initiative hoodie.

Egg B hatched late last night and is a big chunk! Also, look at the colouring! I want my hair to be this colour! I’m not 100% sure where this egg came from. At first, I thought it definitely had to be from the Ronan/Lucien/Epiphany/Mazikeen group, but it is possibly from Memnoch/Ava’Dara. I am just in love with this colouring and I hope it carries over into the actual feathers.

Egg E hatched this morning with some help. This is Sparta’s egg. The chick was malpositioned, so I made sure that the chick had an easier time breaking out of the shell than it would have on its own. Right now, it’s still in the incubator with the umbilical cord still attached to it and the shell. I’m a little worried mushy chick might develop, but it’s waddling around like a drunk and chirping like crazy in the incubator just like all the other healthy chicks I’ve hatched.

I don’t have possible names yet for any of the chicks, except Irving from Sandman, but I’m really trying to convince myself I don’t have another rooster in this bunch. That’s all I need is 5 males again. I’ll wait to pick out possible names until the last two have stayed alive for a few days.

Once I can move Egg E to the brooder, I’m cleaning out the incubator and popping a few of these bad boys in there! I can’t believe how big peafowl eggs are! I’m very excited to find out if I can hatch any peachicks and what they’ll look like.

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