{Animal Mad Scientistry} All Over Again

Came home from the Day Job to one of the 6 eggs that went into lockdown this year chirping! This was a great relief as the first egg that should have hatched had died in the shell sometime at the beginning of it’s lockdown. Egg A not only had an internal pip by the time I got home, but also an external one. By around 11pm last night, the zipping process had started. At 3am this morning, Arya woke me up all excited because the little dude had popped out of the shell! That was possibly the quickest this I’ve ever had this process go. But I do have TBI, so that might not be true.

Unfortunately, Egg A has been the only one to hatch so far. I took a bunch of chicken feathers I had gathered up, rubber banded them together in a makeshift feather duster shape, and popped it and Egg A under the heater. Little dude has been sleeping soundly since being moved out of the incubator.

Fingers crossed these last 3 hatch. 1 of them is Sparta’s egg. I really want to get that one to hatch.

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