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{Animal Mad Scientistry} 15 Days on the Peahen Eggs

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Much to my continually growing panic, all 7 peahen eggs are still developing. I’ve got 3 from Richmond and 4 from Dalton. I’m just shocked. And I hope Tractor Supply has a cheap larger incubator I can move the eggs into 10 days from now to give them room to hatch.

Any peachicks that hatch from this first go will be named after dragons. I will teach them to attack when I say “dracarys”. This is why I’m going to be single for the rest of my life.

{Flock Updates} Weathering the Weather

Literally. The weather has been bonkers lately. We actually might get snow on Thursday! It hasn’t snowed this late in spring here for a really long time. I mean, we’ve gotten serious hailstorms that have made it look like it snowed (just a week ago, in fact). I just took down all the winter plastic wrap on the pens, too. Go figure.

The 3 chickpeas are doing great! I called up Dr. Miller after the tiny black one hatched to make sure I knew what to look for in the event that the protruding naval became an issue. So far, has not slowed the tiny nugget down at all. Due to the size difference, it did take that one a little longer to work up the leg muscles to jump on top of the heater like the big grey one and the M&M spawn. They’ve been outside to visit the older birds, where only Mazikeen, Richmond, and Dalton visited them. Ronan and Lucien stopped by their tiny playpen to puff up and act macho and quickly got shooed away. So far, the naming pool for them is: Irving/Thessily (M&M spawn), Douma/Lux (big grey), and Helsing/Mina (little black).

All 8 of Big Momma’s baby buns have moved into the smaller chicken pen since Momma moved them out so she could have 3 more babies. If I hadn’t just quit my job, I’d try to trap her so I could take her in to get spayed. Poor girl needs a break! In addition to that, there was another batch of baby buns that were born near the house and one born out in the barn! Rabbits, man.

Ava’Dara and Sparta have gone broody on me again. I’m half convinced that Sparta is pretending to be broody and is really just hiding in the nesting boxes to avoid Memnoch. I’m not sure what’s going on with him, but this year he decided he needed to start breeding with all the hens and not just Mercury. Unfortunately, none of the other hens are really happy about that. Once I get the netting raised on the aviary part of the poultry compound (Dad built a couple of huge A-frames to create more headroom), I’m going to fix up the 2 small coops I got on CL and move M&M into one of them so tensions will ease up on the flock as a whole, with the other one to be used as a grow out coop for the chicks.

Richmond and Dalton are still laying eggs. Once they got going, they really got going. I have 8 (4 from each) right now that I’m considering putting up for sale on CL before they go bad. I’d hate for them to go to waste when I know they’re viable. 1 peafowl egg can be sold for as much as a dozen chicken eggs you buy at the grocery store, so I don’t really want to use them for food. That just seems like a waste of money to me right now. If I can’t sell them this week, I probably will blow out the eggs to use the shells for art and feed the eggs to the birds and dogs.