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{Flock Update} We All Fall Down

This blog has been on a hiatus for the past month. It wasn’t planned and it wasn’t because something amazing had happened. A month ago today, Calypso and Nausicaä had to be euthanized. Calypso in the morning and Nausicaä that evening, for the exact same reasons as Athena and Penelope. The Ithakē Flock is gone.

I haven’t been taking it very well. At all. And that’s the reason I haven’t had a post in a month when I hadn’t missed a daily post since I established the Ithakē Flock. Add to that the incredibly snobbish and condescending chicken people that come out of the woodwork just like any other group of people that think they know everything about a certain topic and it’s their job to look down on everyone else. I’ve just found myself very unenthusiastic about sharing my journey with these animals. I’ve found myself very unenthusiastic about life in general lately, to be honest.

However, today is also the day, 6 years ago, that I adopted Toki. 6 years ago, I saw him at an adoption event and decided we were supposed to be together for however long we’d have. He saved my life.

So, I used that to get up early this morning, let the birds free range while I refilled feeders and cleaned out the main pen, and try to work my way out of this depression. I’m hoping I’ll be able to start posting again next month.