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Got Ronan, Lucien, Epiphany, and Mazikeen sharing the small coop with Memnoch and Mercury. Not sure how long they’ll have to share the coop, but at least they don’t seem to be having issues with each other.

{Photo of the Day} 26.08.2016

{Flock Update} Igor’s Last Stand


This morning, I was awake earlier than usual. Arya and her tiny bladder had a mighty need and I was woken up to help take care of it. I decided that since I was up that I might as well let the flock out early as well.

At the door for the Furious Five’s cage, I found Igor laying there lifeless. At first, I had the terrible thought that Ronan had killed him but my brother (who was just leaving for work and thankfully was out there giving pieces of bread to the rabbits when I found Igor’s body) said that it looked like something tried to pull him through the wire of the fencing and couldn’t get him through. It wasn’t until I finished burying Igor that I had the chance to look at the other younglings and notice that there were feathers from all three males everywhere. Whatever it was that attacked them (EDIT: my initial thought was racoon, but it turned out to be 2 huge skunks) had at least gotten a fight from them.


I loved this little bird. Not just because he was a 3rd generation from Odysseus, but because of how quirky and tenacious he was. He never let his disability hold him back. In fact, he went about his life as if he didn’t have a disability. His hoarse little crow, that had the exact same pattern/melody as Odysseus’s and Memnoch’s, cracked me up. Just like Toki and Arya howling the minute they knew I was home, Igor would start crowing for me the minute I pulled into the driveway every night after work. He had a very unique personality and I already miss him hopping onto my leg so that I could pet the back of his neck.


This is the picture I submitted to Meyer Hatchery’s cover contest. I’m going to miss him very much.

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