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I’ve been working on having both Toki & Arya outside with the birds & rabbits again. So far, they’re doing much better than I expected. Every time I’d bring Toki out with his harness on, he’d go bonkers over the rabbits. Letting him roam around on his own, he’s calm & he listens to my commands. The only issue is that Arya is just waiting for him to break ranks & run down a rabbit so she can join in. When 1 goes bananas, the other follows shortly. I’m very proud of myself for taking the time to work with them so they aren’t running wild like every other dog in this neighbourhood (or in this house).

Damien broke out of the pen again this evening. I have no idea how he did it because there weren’t any obvious holes in the roof netting. This is what I get for naming him after Damien Scott from Strike Back. Dude is stealthy & smart when he wants to be. Luckily, Richmond & Dalton didn’t follow him on his breakout. I have a pretty good feeling he wouldn’t disappear on me by himself, but if all 3 are out I’m less positive they all won’t take off & that’ll be the last I ever see of them. I think that Section 20 has gotten too big to share the coop with the chickens & he feels better out on his tree stump.

It also looks like the Furious Five have gotten too big to nest down in their dog crate as they were roosting when I did my nightly head count. They grow up so fast. They’re all officially 3 month olds as of today, so they’re almost ready to start transitioning out of the grow out pen & into their permanent homes in what is quickly becoming a chicken compound.

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Damien escaped this evening. He refused to go back into the pen & I was in way too much physical pain to continue to hobble around after him, so he’s back on his tree stump tonight. Hopefully, he’ll be in the pen by 6:30am tomorrow morning.

Would have been nice to get some help rounding him up. I don’t think he’ll disappear on me. I hope he doesn’t. Especially on today, the 2nd year anniversary of my car accident.

{Photo of the Day} 24.07.2016

Had the edge of a severe thunderstorm roll over us with some pretty strong winds again. The pen got destroyed & the adult birds had to hang out in the main pen the rest of the evening. Unfortunately, but the end of the day my TBI & physical disabilities leave me exhausted & I just wasn’t going to be able to get everything fixed in a timely fashion. To my great surprise, they didn’t kill each other before going up for the night. I did get caught out in the storm while I was moving the Furious Five to the barn. I thought for a minute that the barn door was going to fly off & take me with it, but from that vantage point, looking back towards the west where the storm was coming from, I could tell it wasn’t that bad & somewhere out east was going to get it much worse.

After the storm cleared, 2 of Marilyn’s (None More Goth Bunny) babies were caught! Of course, she had a mini me that looks exactly like she did as a baby.

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