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{Photo of the Day} 30.06.2016


Apparently, Ginny has turned on Big Alice & the two of them have been having some epic fights lately. Not sure why the two of them can’t live with each other anymore, but it looks like the Cult of the Five Feral Black Bunnies is no more.

{Photo of the Day} 29.06.2016

So, it looks like Smoke had a litter of at least 9 babies. They range from solid black to tri-coloured & white to almost entirely white.

Also, Damien likes King’s Hawaiian rolls.

{Photo of the Day} 28.06.2016

{Photo of the Day} 27.06.2016

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{Photo of the Day} 24.06.2016

I came home from work to find that Section 20 was trying to make a breakout but only managed to make an escape hole big enough for Spart, who is opportunistic like a bear & took the opportunity to spend the entire afternoon free ranging on her own. I also watched my brother feed the feral rabbits Pop-Tarts, which apparently is what you should use if you want to be swarmed by feral rabbits.

{Photo of the Day} 23.06.2016

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